Our History

Once - what feels like an eternity ago - a couple of
not-that-young musicians did meet to ...
Well, maybe not to "renew the music scene".
We leave that to the "young and wild" 😉
But to play solid, creative metal.
And since there were influences - depending on personal preference - from Heavy, Prog, Gothic, Death and whatever other kind of Metal, it was all thrown together, and the decision was made:
Let's do "our thing" - no cover but only our own songs, with enough space for the ideas of each band member.
After a "phase of development" the band line-up was found - Volker (keyboard and vocals), Mario (guitar), Ick (bass) and Siggi (drums)... this was followed by a period of rehearsing and songwriting, and then finally playing live... and the first CD in spring 2020.
The next CD should follow sometime in summer 2021.
And ... hopefully despite the Corona crisis ... still opportunities to play live.